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Battered Women's Shelter Renovation

The Center for Battered Women  provides services to women who live under constant terror and fear that completely crushes their own self- being. The violence, deterioration, loneliness and total dependency upon their abusive spouse does not enable them to break the vicious cycle of distress on their own. 

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A generous donation from Hong Kong was received for renovating and furnishing a Center for Battered Women in Netanya. The new Center for Battered Women will be in the lower level of The Family and Child Welfare Center in Netanya which serves over 890 families. The Family and Child Welfare Center goal is to promote the relationship between parents and their children and to reduce the children's exposure to risky situations.

Many are afraid of leaving an abused environment because of their own lack of self confidence and self-sufficiency. These women require professional intervention to save their lives and to protect them - and this is what they receive at the Center for Battered Women.

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