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The Netanya Foundation initiates, manages and operates cultural facilities, community services, social, health, education, sports, science, religion, charity and welfare programs.

About Us

The Netanya Foundation was established in 1989 in order to improve the quality of life of the city's residents.  From the late 1980s and to this day, Netanya has absorbed over 65,000 immigrants from the Former Soviet Union, Ethiopia and other countries worldwide.


Welcoming immigration with open arms, the city needed to face the challenges of integration. Creating a united community from multiple nationalities is always a challenge. However, when dealing with poorer populations and with virtually no financial support, the barriers loom even higher. 


This is the mission of the Netanya Foundation. We continually seek and find the resources to help our residents and build a strong community for everyone.

Our Vision

Open Arms – Netanya welcomes immigration from around the world. We see our city and our country enriched by diverse Jewish cultures and traditions.

Strong Community – building a better future calls for hard work and dedication. It requires us all to join forces and work together to achieve our goals. By focusing attention on the weaker within our community, we all benefit and improve. 


Personal Attention – the people themselves are the essence of our community and city. By tending to their needs on an individual level and helping them succeed – we succeed.


Help us build a city we can all be proud of. Join us!

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