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Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Running once a year since 2015, this project gives a wonderful experience to families recognized by the welfare department, enabling their children to celebrate their Bar & Bat Mitzvah in a memorable and extraordinary way.

Twin Cities Gala Dinner

The Netanya Foundation along with The City of Sunny Isles, the 1st Annual Twin Cities Gala Dinner was held on Tuesday, December 11, 2018, in Florida.

It was an enthralling evening, attended by various dignitaries. The keynote speaker Mr. Ehud Olmert, former Prime Minister of the State of Israel gave a very heartwarming speech. 

Handmade artwork

Handmade artwork from Netanya's 'Taasion'. The Netanya Foundation (NFND) has created an online store to help promote and share the amazing work of the city's people, including those with special needs. NFND is an NGO established in 1989 with a goal of providing for the welfare as well as the educational, cultural, environmental, religious, charitable and health needs for the population living in Netanya. ​

Happy 70th birthday, Israel!

Our beloved country turns 70! Happy birthday Israel! 
For many more years to celebrate!

The Albert Gnat Scholarships were awarded yesterday to 72 students, residents of the city, majoring in economics, business, and law. The Municipality of Netanya held a ceremony and the Mayor of Netanya, Miriam Fierberg-Ikar read a special message from the Gnat family. The Gnat family funds this scholarship since 2005. We deeply appreciate the generous donations to the students of Netanya.

This morning our CEO, Shlomi Waroner, visited in Guy house (in Hebrew called Beit Guy). A unique house for special children (CP, handicap, Autism, and others). This is one of many success stories, learn more about this visit in Shlomi's blog.

Kadishman's Art Exhibition took place in Netahanel Enrichment Center. The Center for preschoolers aged 3 to 6 offer a range of activities in the various arts: music, theatre and plastic arts (painting, sculpting, etc). This center is located in Neot Shaked, where the children and their parents have no other exposure to the arts.

Today I participated in a very special event: street naming after Chiune Sugihara a Japanese Righteous Among the Nations, with his son, Nobuki Sugihara. 

The center was established thanks to a generous contribution of Mr. Madarame-San, a true supporter of Israel. 

The Netanya Foundation wishes you happy 68th independence day! 



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