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Adopt A Smile - Help Needy Children

There are no words to describe the joy and appreciation of the children who are given an equal opportunity to integrate with their peer groups.

47,359 children live in Netanya, 10,000 of which are recognized by the Welfare Department. Immigrants from Ethiopia and the Former Soviet Union make up a third of this group.  Approx. 1,000 of the children at high risk attend therapeutic daycare centers, community frameworks, and are in foster homes, boarding schools and dormitories. They suffer from deficiencies due to a background of severe financial distress, absorption crisis, parental dysfunction, and illness. These children also include orphans and single-parent families. 


In today's harsh financial climate, which is further aggravated by cutbacks in social security stipends, there was an incline in the number of families requiring financial assistance and support for purchasing basic needs such as clothing and shoes, glasses, dental treatment, school books, and supplies.

Support This Project

Clothing and Shoes for children: $300
Cost per child
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Glasses and Dental Treatment: $250-$500
Cost per child
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The lack of the child's basic needs together with the parent’s dysfunction distorts the minor’s perception and damages his trust in the adult world. The children's reactions to these deficiencies vary, beginning from grief, depression, behavioral disturbances and the inability to be accepted and integrated into social circles at school and in the community.

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