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Alfie's Bar Mitzvah

Meet Alfie Showman, 13 years old, from Manchester (UK). Alfie and his family participated in Bar Mitzvah Twinning Program by Jewish Child's Day - JCD. Through this program, we "twin" a Bar-Mitzvah boy from the UK with one from Netanya, Israel

A joint program between the Netanya Foundation and Jewish Child's Day, UK (JCD): A Bar Mitzvah Twinning Program. Through this program, we "twin" a Bar-Mitzvah boy from the UK with one from Netanya, Israel.

Alfie Showman, who celebrates his Bar Mitzvah in a few weeks' time, made a real difference through the twinning program. Alfie and his family took part in the "Gung Ho Manchester 5k run" and raised over £3,000 to help his Israeli "Bar Mitzvah twin" enjoy his celebrations just as Alfie did.

Alfie's "twin" is a boy from Kiryat Nordau neighborhood in Netanya. The Bar Mitzvah boy is the 4th in a line of 6 children and comes from a challenging background. The Netanya Foundation facilitated this twinning with JCD and the Welfare Department of the Netanya Municipality.

Alfie’s parents commented “We felt that is was so important for Alfie to realize that not all children are as lucky as he - we choose Jewish Child’s Day Bar Mitzvah program for Alfie to twin through as their core value is children helping children less fortunate than themselves. Alfie really enjoyed the challenge and making a difference to this boy and his family. His target was £500 and he raised over £3,000 which was absolutely fantastic”.

Alfie and his family are visiting the boy and his family in Israel this month, for a special Bar Mitzvah celebration. Alfie will be presenting the boy with some gifts that he couldn’t ordinarily have afforded, as well as a Tallis and Tefillin.

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