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Reinforcement of High School Students Eligible for a Bagrut (Matriculation) Certificate

A good high school education and earning a bagrut (matriculation) certificate make all the difference between a promising, hopeful future and frustrating hopelessness.

Over the past decade, Netanya has absorbed over 65,000 new immigrants, of which more than 13,000 are Ethiopian Jews. The municipality invests immense resources in education for the younger generation of immigrants focusing on preparation for the matriculation, bagrut exams. Despite this, national figures indicate that there are still certain areas in the city with sub-standard results.

In an effort to improve the results of bagrut exams, and to raise the number of those eligible to receive this certificate, the municipality has initiated three different projects.

The National Project

An after-school project, which provides reinforcement for high school 

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Estimated costs:

$1,000 per student per school year X 400 students – $400,000

students of Ethiopian origin preparing them for the bagrut exams. The students receive extracurricular lessons and a hot meal. In addition to teachers, the project has a team
of guides and mediators from within the Ethiopian community. At its peak, 1,200 students from various schools in Netanya studied in this program. Today, due to lack of funds only 250 students benefit from
this project.


Individual Lessons and in Small Groups 

This program provides reinforcement for high school students, who
are eligible for a bagrut certificate but have difficulties in several subjects. These students are singled out for reinforcement in private lessons or in small groups of up to 5 pupils each. They also receive psychological support to reduce their anxieties before taking the bagrut exams. This program runs in 10 high schools throughout the city, reaching 600 students per year. The school principals and teachers partaking in this program must promise good results in advance.


This project locates homogenous classes of students who find certain subjects difficult. They are reinforced in the specific subject in which they need help, through intense and marathon study groups in preparation for the exams.


With such close individual attention, focusing on the students’ educational and emotional needs, we hope and believe that these programs will help more students succeed in and achieve a high-school diploma.

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