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Basketball Stadium

One of our focal projects is the construction of a basketball stadium, which will serve as the home base for the city's teams. "Barak Netanya" basketball team competed in the 2010 Euro Challenge and shocked Israel when it reached the Final Four of the Israeli league championship. They defeated every team in the league and their head coach was awarded coach of the year for 2010.

​The team spirit, dedication and hard work are the core values instilled by participation in a sport program. The Netanya Foundation actively promotes various disciplines by providing the right facilities for training and competition.


In addition, The Netanya Foundation, together with Barak Netanya and "Kids Connect", established the "Hoops for Kids" ticket give-away program for Netanya's underprivileged children.


The new basketball stadium will include 3,000 seats on 4 floors including a special area with 60 for media, 160 for "Golden Members" and a VIP area with 60 spacious seats. The Stadium will be built on 6,545 gross sqm, of which 5,945 will be divided into 1,500 sqm for the seats and 970 for the game area. There will also be the main lobby, including restrooms and cloakrooms for the spectators, a coffee shop and cafeteria, a gym and additional activity rooms.

This stadium will be used as a facility for additional sports such as martial arts. Netanya's City Council member, in charge of sports is the Israeli champion and silver medalist of the European Judo Games. He is captain of the Israeli Judo team, took part in the Athens Olympic Games and is now training for the London Olympic Games.

In the future, we hope to host international Judo games here in our city.

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