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Pinna Avishay

Mr. Gad Panini and his wife inaugurated the Corner Avishay, 'Pinna Avishay' to commemorate his late brother Avishai Panini. 

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Mr. Panini residents of the city of Netanya who live near the intersection of Uzi Hitman - Ehud Manor Streets, wanted the city to remember the struggles and determination of his brother.

Avishai joined the IDF at the end of September 1966 and joined the Nahal group that served in Kibbutz Mashabei Sadeh. He did the infantry recruits at the Nahal base when his plans to continue on the command and command-line were interrupted due to a head injury during training.

Avishai struggled to ignore his pain and performed all his service, including ambushes on the Syrian border, fighting in the Golan Heights in the Six-Day War and prolonged service in the Suez Canal during the war of attrition. During the war in the canal, he suffered severely from intense headaches, which grew daily, but he did his job faithfully regardless of the fact that he felt very bad.

Avishi's dedication to his military service was considerable, evidently because he was motivated and chose to volunteer and serve the country wholeheartedly despite his torment and intense pain. We hope that this gives the family a place to bring Avishai's memories to life. 

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