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The conservatory sees integration through music as one of its leading missions. Among the 500 pupils studying there are Ethiopian immigrants, FSU immigrants and Israeli born children. The results are moving – the children have developed their musical talents and formed strong, cross-cultural bonds of friendship.

Music is a common language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers which brings people together. The Netanya Conservatory, Musical Educational Center, is supervised by the Ministry of Education. Conductor Motty Meiron manages the conservatory and the 45 musician teachers that are employed there. With over 65,000 immigrants absorbed over the past 10 years, of which 13,000 are from Ethiopian origin, Netanya is continuously working towards creating a strong unified community.

Today, the conservatory operates in an improvised structure adjacent to the Municipal Cultural Center. The existing structure is not capable of containing the wide range of activities of the institute and does not permit further development. Building a suitable structure for the institute is essential in order to maintain the high standards developed up to now and to exceed them.


In the past few years the conservatory has become one of the leading institutes in Israel – both in its high level and size. The conservatory has several orchestras and ensembles which perform frequently at official events and others.



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