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Educate & Empower - Help Children at Risk

We need your help in providing meals, for equipping and renovating the existing 16 Moadoniyot. But that's not enough. There is a very long waiting list of Children that need a "Substitute Home",  which we cannot provide since the current After School programs Moadoniyot are full.  Please lend a Helping Hand by also helping us build more Moadoniyot so all of our high-risk children will be cared for. 

47,359 children live in Netanya, 10,000 of which are recognized by the Welfare Department. Immigrants from Ethiopia and the Former Soviet Union make up a third of this group.  Approx. 1,000 of the children at high risk attend therapeutic daycare centers, community frameworks, and are in foster homes, boarding schools and dormitories. They suffer from deficiencies due to a background of severe financial distress, absorption crisis, parental dysfunction, and illness. These children also include orphans and single parent families. 

Support This Project

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Warm meal after school
$550 per child for a year

The children come to the Moadoniyot straight from school. They receive their basic and immediate needs. These children are often victims of severe family crisis, physical & verbal abuse or neglect. a warm meal (often their only nourishing meal of the day) a hug and support assistance with their homework therapy and enrichment activities.
The After School programs - "Moadoniyot" provide a "Substitute Home" and "Family Circle" for the children. They are also Treatment Centers with a professional staff that tends to the children's physical, emotional and social well- being. The Moadoniyot plays a critical role in cases of severe family dysfunction. There are 16 "Moadoniyot" – Day Care Centers – in the city that provides a warm meal, a hug, support, therapy, and additional services to 340 high-risk children.  

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