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Food Parcels for the Underprivileged

There are families in Netanya that can barely afford food year-round. You can change that.

Your donation can bring joy and celebration. You can transform the distress of a family in need.

When we feel hungry, we go to the fridge or pantry, put a meal together, sit down and eat. This is a basic privilege which we may take for granted but not everyone can allow themselves. There are thousands of less fortunate people and families, living in poverty, who lack basic provisions. When their children open the fridge, they see only bare shelves. In Netanya, these families are able to receive food parcels or food vouchers, depending on the severity of their situation. All assistance is given based on reports from social workers stating the family's distress and needs.

Food Parcel

Food Voucher

A Basic Food Parcel includes: Bread, sugar, wine, rice, canned food, Pasta and more

Food Voucher

for larger families or in cases when the basic food parcel is not sufficient

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