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Mathematics Room in Rashi Elementary School

In the first week of May 2013, the Award Team from the Levinsky College in Tel Aviv visited the Mathematics Room in the Rashi School, Netanya, which had won their Award for innovation in teaching. The Mathematics Room has established thanks to the charitable assistance of "Hands on Tzedakah", an organization from the United States of America together with the Netanya Foundation.

The Award Team is the representative of the Levinsky Teaching College, who present an annual Award of NIS 40,000 to the leading innovators in teaching in Israel. The Award is bestowed in order to encourage innovative thinking and new initiatives in the field. The Award Team was comprised of the President of the College, foremost professors and academics.

This year, the selected project was "Learning of Mathematics Using Tablets". It is interesting to think that developing the method invented by a number of professors from the Hebrew University has led to the creation of learning environment with tablets (iPad / Android), 

in which children can learn and understand the material in mathematics creatively, through music and all the other means at their disposal.


The Award Team visited the Mathematics Room and was most impressed by the pleasant working environment for the pupils. The room is equipped with the latest technologies - smart board, computers, multiplication and division tables on the floor, images related to the field of mathematics and more. 

After the tour and the explanatory remarks, the Award winner decided to donate the prize money to purchase tablets for the Yigal Allon Elementary School and the Netanya Foundation will help fund other purchases in order that the tablet project will start in the city of Netanya.

Our thanks go to the “Hands on Tzedakah” organization which recently enabled the establishment of the Mathematics Room in the Rashi Elementary School and to Bank Hapoalim, which enabled the establishment of the first Mathematics Room in the Bialik Elementary School.

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