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Support At Risk Youth

Adolescence is an unsettling time, accompanied by crisis, various identity problems, social and moral dilemmas, while testing the limits of what is permitted and what is not. Today, our youth is exposed to various risky situations, while the age of exposure to these situations is dropping. The figures today point to the fact that the risk factors for youth are rising, especially for immigrant youth.

The Neot Shaked Neighborhood is one of Netanya's more underprivileged areas. It is characterized by socio-economic distress, demographic problems and has a high number of immigrant families. Despite all the risk factors, the youth in this neighborhood did not have a unique response to their needs. The available youth programs were spread out; there was no holistic, all encompassing approach in this field. Due to these circumstances, and the wish to prevent the situation from deteriorating, a new multi disciplinary youth center was recently renovated in this neighborhood for this purpose.



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The Goals:

  • Establishing a community-oriented framework, which will include all the youth services and will guide, advise and treat the different adolescent groups and their parents.

  • aising the community awareness to the topic of adolescents, amongst the general population and especially amongst the youth.R

  • Increasing the use of the existing services and developing new programs according to the needs.

  • Grouping resources and creating a decision making and execution process, based on cooperation and longevity with everyone baring the responsibility.


The Purpose:

  • To lower the number of stray youth.

  • Integrating the teenagers in various activities and creating integration between interests and joint needs.

  • Exposing the youth to topics of interest and encouraging them to develop their individual abilities.

  • Reducing the number of school and educational framework dropouts.

  • Activities for preventing violence, drug use and alcohol consumption.

  • Integrating the teenagers in voluntary activities in the community. Parents' participation in workshops, lectures and voluntary frameworks for the teenagers.


The center will be run by professional teams, volunteers and mediators for the FSU and Ethiopian immigrants.


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