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Philadelphia Federation Playground

The Philadelphia Playground was renovated with the generous donation of the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia in 2006. Philadelphia Playground located in the heart of Neot Shaked, which is a low-income neighborhood.

60% of the neighborhood's population are new immigrants, of which 45% are Ethiopian families. As the homes are relatively small and crowded, the children frequent the playground to let out pent-up energies in enjoyable surroundings. The playground is also neutral ground on which Ethiopian, Russian and Israeli children meet and integrate, helping them to learn about and accept each other. In the mornings, many elderly residents can be seen sitting on the benches in the shade of the trees, enjoying the fresh air. 


Parks & playgrounds are an important part of the community. They provide a central meeting place for families and children. They offer a safe area for kids to play together and develop. In densely populated areas, playgrounds are a welcome break in the blocks of concrete and pavement.


They are an island of green, open skies and fun. Over the years, the Netanya Foundation invested in creating and renovating playgrounds throughout the city. We now have plans for 4 new playgrounds in the city’s less privileged neighborhoods, which we would like to implement.

The neighborhoods, Neot Shaked and Neot Ganim, are densely populated with many new immigrant families, from the middle class and lower. These projects will not only give these low-income areas a much-needed facelift but also serve to increase pride and unity in the community.


The goal is to upgrade and expand the parks and playgrounds while making sure they are accessible, keeping the balance between city and nature and turning the parks into a focal point for leisure activities as well as environmental, social and cultural doings

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Estimated costs:
Cost of one playground: from $450,000.

"The goal is to upgrade and expand the parks and playgrounds while making sure they are accessible"

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