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At 15 years old, Tedeg made herself a doll using her mother's left over clay. When a passing tourist fell in love with her creation and offered to buy it, she knew she had found her calling to become an artist.  Living with her family in a Beta Israel community in Gondar, Ethiopia, Tedeg went on to become an art dealer and lecturer in Gondar and Addis Ababa.


In 1991, married with 3 children, Tedeg realized her dream to immigrate to Israel. She arrived without the tools she needed to sculpt, and the challenges of acclimatizing to her new life took her off track. But after a 12 year break, during which she adapted to her new culture, learned the language and grew to understand the mentality, she returned to the art world she loved so much.


Today, Tedeg’s work is a reflection of her cultural heritage, her Ethiopian roots, and her desire to pass on her community’s traditions to the younger generation.

100% Handmade Ethiopian Art


21 cm

Pregnant Woman Holding Child

By Tedeg (Haylu) Bruk



5 cm


Community Art Store is a social enterprise that promotes talented local artists. Our goal is to put our artists and their stories into the spotlight, exposing their work to the world and allowing them to earn a living from their craft.


The pieces you see listed in the Online Shop are more than beautiful works of art. Each original, hand-crafted creation is infused with the personality of the artist, their cultural heritage, life story, hopes and dreams.


The art community of Netanya is very diverse, as one might expect from a city that has been absorbing immigrants from around the world since the founding of the State of Israel. This rich blend of cultures, from regions as different as Ethiopia and Russia, is what makes our community so unique.

How does the Online Store work?

The online store offers a selection of artwork by the very best local artists. The Netanya Foundation built the online sales platform and provides the packaging, shipping and customer service. Each artist catalogs and prices their own work.


Most products stocked at the online store are truly one-of-a-kind. If you miss out on something you want, simply look up the artist’s page on this site to find other unique products they offer, which may be of a similar style.

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