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Help Us Build Synagogues

Today, Netanya has over 225,000 residents. Our city is growing and absorbing new immigrant families from around the world, many of which cherish their religious Jewish heritage, as well as thousands of new young families, many of which are conservative and religious.


Synagogues, besides being a place to pray, are also venues to gather for Torah lessons, services, sermons, lectures and activities. We would like to see the synagogues attract also the younger generation, through various programs for youth and children.

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Our young communities do not have the resources to build their own synagogues and the State of Israel does not have budgets for these projects. Therefore, it is up to us to find the funding to build new synagogues and help strengthen the Jewish faith within these new communities.

We are planning to build 5 new synagogues throughout the city. The synagogues may be named after the donor.

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