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Wagon from the Holocaust

The Netanya Foundation had the privilege of being a partner in bringing a train car from Germany to Netanya that was used during the Second World War to transport Jews to concentration camps.  For Shlomi Waroner, CEO of the Netanya Foundation this was a personal closure as a grandson of Holocaust survivors. The train car was placed on the “memory path” at Yad Labanim to commemorate the stations between the Holocaust and Israel’s independence.

The Train Car Story
by Shlomi Waroner | CEO
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"The story starts with a letter from entrepreneur and site preservation expert Roni Dotan to the mayor of Netanya, Miriam Fierberg-Ikar, about the car - known as “Munchen12-246″. I went to see the car in Germany personally, as it has a very significant meaning in my life. 

With Roni's assistance, The Netanya Foundation brought the car to Israel, renovated it (for preservation) with the belief that displaying it would strengthen public knowledge and help commemorate the memories of those who perished in the Holocaust. As a grandson of a Holocaust survivor, it was a privilege for me to participate in this project.

As the years' pass, the number of Holocaust survivors dwindles. We are all fortunate to be alive when there are survivors still living to share their experiences first hand. Netanya is home to two retirement centers, which we recently renovated and are the home of survivors. They are called Kalaniot and Savionim, senior citizen community centers, and we look forward to having these important people with us for many years.

I believe it is our duty, as The Netanya Foundation, to establish a strong sense of remembrance in our city especially for this day, but also a gentle reminder for our daily lives. We have imported a train car from the Holocaust to serve as a monument and educational center in Southern Netanya".

Yad Labanim is in Southern Netanya where there are monuments in the area in commemorating Netanya’s fallen soldiers, victims of terrorist attacks and the Red Army’s victory over Nazi Germany.

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