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Winter Warmth - Help Elderly in Need

Join us in our efforts to purchase additional blankets and heaters for them, surrounding them with warmth this winter season.

Senior Citizens often live off a basic pension from social security, which is not sufficient to cover their most basic needs, often leaving them in dire straits. As the winter approaches, their distress rises as they cannot afford to purchase blankets or heaters to keep themselves warm.  

​In Netanya, there are 34,000 elderly residents of which 3,400 are Holocaust survivors. 1,816 of the Holocaust survivors are treated by the Welfare Dept.

Those treated by the welfare dept are mostly placed very low on the socio-economic scale, often having to choose between purchasing much needed medication or other basic provisions.

Support This Project

Clothing and Blankets: 
Cost per person
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Heaters for warm winter: $100
Cost per person
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