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Building our future today!




This features all our successfully completed projects which are in use currently by the residents of Netanya. 
The completion of these projects is thanks to all our donors who have helped us built these dream into a reality. 

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Ongoing Projects

Our ongoing projects comprise of the current projects on the way of being developed and successful. Plus we have other projects which run all year round. 

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This project is very close to our hearts as this program provides a proper Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebration for low-income children and their families from Netanya. Give these youngsters the opportunity to celebrate adulthood and mitzvah age like any other Jewish kid. 

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These projects are very close to our hearts. Here you can find something you like or you could create something that is close to your heart!

Music is a common language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers which brings people together. Netanya is continuously working towards creating a strong unified community.

Netanya Hoops For Kids pairs Barak Netanya professional basketball players with after school programs for at risk youth, giving children the opportunity to create real relationships and learn from their role models. 

Every year before the beginning of school, the Netanya Foundation provides school supplies to children in need. With your help, more children will enter school this year equipped for success. 

The PELE Program provides lessons for elementary school kids in computers, English, Hebrew, Math, and complementary learning assistance as well as help with homework in small group sessions held after school hours. 

The city is interested in supporting its Academic College and in encouraging the students of the city to learn, study and expand their horizons in their own hometown, Netanya.


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